Aprile 6, 2116

The tributes are pouring in from all over the world, people everywhere saddened by the passing of Merle Haggard.

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He spoke to the common man. He spoke to the heart that beats inside us all. Some people thought he had a gruff exterior, and I guess sometimes he did. As we ate, he asked if I had heard the new song he had sung that afternoon at our show. Dead air…. I wondered if I had offended him in some way. Rest in peace, my friend. Our world is a better place because you kicked the footlights out….

Ramona Russum April 14, pm. Lorna Troyer April 14, am. I never got to see Merle in person but always enjoyed his music not particularly the ones about his times in prison but he was a very talented man for sure!! I firmly believe that ppl. Bye for now, Bill!! Shirley Tarpy April 13, pm. Bill, that was a wonderful tribute you just paid Merle.

He was one of my favorites. I am sure going to miss him. But his songs live on in my living room…. I enjoy your newsletter each month…your songs are so great…. Emma Kinkle April 13, pm. I am very saddened at the passing of Merle, I feel like I have lost a very dear friend. Jalon Wall April 13, pm. Bill, Thanks for the tribute to Merle. I can remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard Hag on the radio in the summer of It was an impression that I knew would be lasting.

And also my hat is off two you for writing some of the best country music ever recorded.

aprile 6, 2116

I love the CFR series celebrating 50 years of your music. I own it and watch it often. CFR could not have a better host for all the series.In this preliminary description of pediatric U.

Severe outcomes have been reported in children, including three deaths. Social distancing and everyday preventive behaviors remain important for all age groups because patients with less serious illness and those without symptoms likely play an important role in disease transmission. Data from China suggest that pediatric COVID cases might be less severe than cases in adults and that children might experience different symptoms than do adults 45 ; however, disease characteristics among pediatric patients in the United States have not been described.

Among Data were available for a small proportion of patients on many important variables, including symptoms 9. Three deaths were reported among the pediatric cases included in this analysis. These data support previous findings that children with COVID might not have reported fever or cough as often as do adults 4. Social distancing and everyday preventive behaviors remain important for all age groups as patients with less serious illness and those without symptoms likely play an important role in disease transmission 67.

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S territories. Jurisdictions voluntarily report data on laboratory-confirmed cases using a standardized case report form. Data submitted to CDC are preliminary and can be updated by health departments as more data become available.

Because of the high percentage of cases with missing data and because cases with severe outcomes are more likely to have hospitalization or intensive care unit ICU status reported, percentages of patients hospitalized, including those admitted to the ICU, were estimated as a range, for which the denominator for the lower bound included cases with both known and unknown hospitalization or ICU status, and the upper bound included only cases with known hospitalization or ICU status.

For other characteristics, percentages were calculated from among the number of cases with known information for that characteristic. Statistical comparisons were not performed because of the high percentage of missing data. As of April 2,data onlaboratory-confirmed U. COVID cases were available for analysis. The first pediatric U. Among 7. Myalgia, sore throat, headache, and diarrhea were also less commonly reported by pediatric patients.

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One 1. The most common underlying conditions were chronic lung disease including asthma 40cardiovascular disease 25and immunosuppression Three deaths were reported among the pediatric cases included in this analysis; however, review of these cases is ongoing to confirm COVID as the likely cause of death. AmongU. A second report suggested that although pediatric COVID patients infrequently have severe outcomes, the infection might be more severe among infants 5.

In this preliminary analysis of U. Several studies have reported a majority of COVID cases among males 49and an analysis of 44, COVID cases in patients of all ages in China reported a higher case-fatality rate among men than among women However, the same report, as well as a separate analysis of 2, pediatric COVID cases from China, detected no substantial difference in the number of cases among males and females 5 Reasons for any potential difference in COVID incidence or severity between males and females are unknown.

The findings in this report are subject to at least four limitations. First, because of the high workload associated with COVID response activities on local, state, and territorial public health personnel, a majority of pediatric cases were missing data on disease symptoms, severity, or underlying conditions.

Data for many variables are unlikely to be missing at random, and as such, these results must be interpreted with caution. Because of the high percentage of missing data, statistical comparisons could not be conducted. Second, because many cases occurred only days before publication of this report, the outcome for many patients is unknown, and this analysis might underestimate severity of disease or symptoms that manifested later in the course of illness.

Third, COVID testing practices differ across jurisdictions and might also differ across age groups. In many areas, prioritization of testing for severely ill patients likely occurs, which would result in overestimation of the percentage of patients with COVID infection who are hospitalized including those treated in an ICU among all age groups.

Severe COVID disease appears to be more common among adults at the high end of this age range 6and therefore cases in young adults might be more similar to those among children than suggested by the current analysis. As the number of COVID cases continues to increase in many parts of the United States, it will be important to adapt COVID surveillance strategies to maintain collection of critical case information without overburdening jurisdiction health departments.

National surveillance will increasingly be complemented by focused surveillance systems collecting comprehensive case information on a subset of cases across various health care settings.ET: A recovering coronavirus patient in his 30s has a warning for young people who aren't taking the disease seriously.

National Defense Production Act policy coordinator Peter Navarro updates the Trump administration's efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Fox News medical contributors Drs. Nicole Saphier and Marc Siegel answer your coronavirus questions. Janice Dean highlights good news making headlines amid the coronavirus pandemic. Mornings with Maria6 a.

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ET: Dan Brouillette, U. Secretary of Energy. Also on the Rundown: Right now, there is the possibility of a fourth stimulus package from Congress. Empty shelves at grocery stores have given many Americans anxiety over the last few weeks.

Should shoppers be worried about not being able to get common staples like toilet paper, pasta, and meat? Meat Purveyors CEO Pat LaFrieda joins the Rundown to discuss how coronavirus shutdowns have impacted the supply chains, the food industry as a whole, and his own business. The Paul Harvey Story. Want the Fox News Rundown sent straight to your mobile device?

The Brian Kilmeade Show, 9 a. ET: Special guests include: U. Michael Waltz, R-Fla.Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about.

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The railroad crew will move into Macedonia on Tuesday, June 16, and plan to close Twinsburg Road in Macedonia either June 16 or 17 depending on when the work begins. Norfolk Southern anticipates Twinsburg Road to be closed for days. The day after the railroad crew starts at Twinsburg Road above, they will close Hines Hill Road starting on either June 17 or Hines Hill Road will be closed for approximately days, including the weekend.

There will be several days when both Twinsburg Road and Hines Hill Road will be closed at the same time. Norfolk Southern Railroad will post electronic message boards to alert motorists of the pending work and closures. Detours will be setup at each location to direct traffic around the closings.

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Please use alternate routes during this time period. Hudson will use its customary plan for providing emergency services to the areas when the railroad crossings are closed. Hudson trains with Valley Fire and we are confident that Valley Fire will arrive in a timely manner and handle any situation as Hudson emergency services would. We also respond to the calls and Hudson apparatus and personnel will arrive a few minutes after Valley Fire does to assist as needed.

For Stow Road and areas south of the tracks, our emergency services will respond via SR 91 and Barlow Road as we normally would. Hudson Police also have agreements with other jurisdictions to respond to a police emergency as necessary during this time and any time a train may be stopped on Hines Hill. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Home News Flash. The railroad plans on closing Stow Road on June 22 for days. Posted on: May 29, Hudson is Ready to Help!

Posted on: April 22, Construction Projects Update Posted on: April 23, Middleton Road Update Posted on: April 20, State of the City Posted on: January 30, Live Edit Close. Arrow Left Arrow Right.Prendo e me ne vado. Mi scusi, ma come fa a definire "fallito" uno Stato semplicemente in deficit?

aprile 6, 2116

Inoltre se lei giudica "fallito" lo Stato che contrae debito, immagino sia contrario al debito stesso. Grazie della risposta, saluti. Come giudica lei uno stato in cui ci sono 9 milioni di inoccupati, di cui buona parte in conzioni di indigenza? Come giudica uno stato in cui ci sono milionibdi pensionati che percepiscono neanche euro di pensione mensile? Per non parlare del degrado delle scuole, o degli ospedali o di gran parte della rete stradale. Grazie per il suo commento.

Ps: le segnalo anche questo articolo. Ottimo articolo, ma poi arrivano commenti come quello di Vincenzo De Carlo e ti viene lo sconforto. Possibile mai che ancora vi siano persone che pensano alla spesa pubblica come causa di tutti i mali?

Stati falliti emettono debito per finanziare la propria spesa. Nel caso specifico, i trattati europei, impediscono alla BCE di poter svolgere questo ruolo e quindi monetizzare i debiti degli stati. Il debito emesso da stati falliti, viene acquistato dalle banche anch'esse fallite che si finanziano, a loro volta, per poterlo fare, prevalentemente presso la BCE. Per potersi finanziare presso la BCE a tassi irrisori devono prestare delle garanzie.

Minori spese per i cittadini, significa minore domanda interna. Le persone non spendono, le fabbriche non producono, sono costrette a licenziare e chiudono. Il licenziamento amplifica ed esalta il problema, facendo crollare i consumi e la domanda interna.

A questo punto, le aziende che chiudono o i lavoratori che hanno perso il loro lavoro, non avendo flussi reddituali, non possono ripagare i loro debiti alle banche che vanno in sofferenze, fino a diventare insolventi. E questa volta lo fa con il fondo ESM. Quindi, i cittadini, oltre ad essere tassati per ripagare gli interessi alle banche, non essendo questo sufficiente a garantirne l'esistenza, devono essere tassati anche per garantirne il salvataggio.

A Roma si sta volgendo un vertice europeo riservato per finalizzare le difese anticrisi sulle banche. Secondo quanto riporta il Wall Street Journal, citando due fonti anonime a conoscenza della questione, tra ieri e oggi i tecnici dell'Euro Working Group sono impegnati in una riunione informale che punta a sbloccare l'utilizzo del fondo salva Stati permanente, l'Esm, per effettuare interventi diretti di soccorso sugli istituti di credito.

E per questa opzione si punterebbe a fissare un limite di 60 miliardi di euro. In cambio l'Esm otterrebbe un seggio di garanzia nel cda delle banche sui cui dovesse effettuare un intervento di sostegno. Unknown 14 giugno Vincitori eVinti 16 giugno Orchiclasta 24 giugno This document is of a general nature and is not a substitute for legal advice.

Since laws change frequently, contact an attorney before using this information. Grossbart Bruce D. Apanian Sharice B. For a downloadable copy in Adobe PDF please click here and save to your hard drive. APRIL 6, Kenneth S. Board Members Present:. Board Members Absent:. Johnny Simpson; and Nancy Springer. Although there were no public comments, Board member Joan Hancock took this time to congratulate Larry Parrott for his new position as Chief of Licensing since Karen Robinson has left the position.

The June Board meeting will be in Garden Grove. June 23 will be a regular Board meeting. June 24 will be a joint meeting with the Nevada State Contractors' Board.

For a copy of the pages of the manual, click here. The CSLB has added eight 8 new employees from other State agencies, seven 7 employees new to State service and two 2 student assistants.

aprile 6, 2116

Three 3 employees transferred units, two 2 employees accepted Training and Development assignments and five 5 employees were promoted within CSLB. The State's new recruitment system, CalCareer allows candidates to apply online for exams and vacancies. The CSLB personnel staff has been assisting applicants to utilize this new recruitment system. Personnel staff is also working with program managers to refine the application screening criteria - to facilitate the evaluation of applications and ensure that uniform standards are applied in the selection of candidates to interview.

Several examinations are offered throughout the year in for varies positions including the enforcement, information technology, licensing and testing divisions as well as general staff positions.And, without a map or a local explaining it to you, it may take even longer.

It sounds easy enough. Then to make it even more interesting they will throw in a transversal, circular, and a diagonal every once in a while. The most well-known streets running through Medellin, which usually include many restaurants and clubs are:.

Therefore, you have to be very careful and look every which way before crossing the street. Especially around the round-a-bouts. You may think you have a clearing and then a bus will round the corner at very high speeds forcing you to book it to the other side. Drivers do not slow down for you here.

Motorcycles do not always follow the same rules as the other cars. They act more like cyclists in the fact that they may run a red light if they see no cars are coming from the perpendicular street ahead of them. Stay alert, and be extra cautious with them.

When walking down the street, always check the street number you are on. Sometimes the Carrera or Calle will change even though you have not switched streets. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Learn something new every day…. I found spending time on Google Maps helped me get the hang of how the streets are laid out, at least in Medellin. When I was in Jardin last weekend, like most pueblos, a simple grid system makes it easy to get around without worrying about street addresses.

aprile 6, 2116

The house is on carrera 4G, 40 meters from the corner of carrera 57? Thanks in advance for your help.

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So Carrera 46 is the name of the avenue. I gave the flower delivery people this apparently incorrect address and they managed to find it somehow, lol. I asked her about it yesterday and she said 46 is her house number, does this make sense if you remove the cra in front of the number 46? So the house is on 4G, 40 meters from the corner of carrera 57, number 46?

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Does this make sense? Or does it simple have to be one or the other cra 46 or cra 57? She should know how to tell me her address and I should understand he but, she is kind of young and we are struggling with each others idioms….

But it is! How do you know the next street over is calle 7 and no calle 6a?. I need to send a UPS express mail package to Bogota and was given the following address, but can find it on google maps to verify its accuracy. I was able to verify with the receiver; thanks!

Thanks for your prompt reply!! Only FedEx to my knowledge usually requires them to ship to Colombia. But it is difficult to find out your zip code as nobody seems to use them. I had to search for a while on the Internet to find out my zip code is Kinda wish GPS coordinates were more of a thing.

I used them extensively in Thailand and Korea, to a lesser extent since the addressing system in those countries were a joke. Not a chance.

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